ToughGuard20® Commercial Fencing

Sfercos® Aluminium is proud to introduce the exciting, robust security fence Toughguard®.

Made from 20mm square tube, centre punched with 96mm centres and crimped tops, Toughguard® products are available in a range of heights and configurations from 1200H to 2400H.

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Toughguard® is specifically designed and manufactured to offer optimum security and strength, while still maintaining an attractive quality appearance. Toughguard® stands apart from ordinary security fence by having the square tube centre punched through the rail and being welded top and bottom. Boasting a rugged crimped top, Toughguard® offers supreme strength and quality finish.

Ideal in coastal areas and harsh environments, Toughguard® not only stands up to the normal rigours of a security fence but anything the environment can throw at it.

Sfercos® recognizes in this day and age that a security fence needs to fulfil many different applications, so we are proud to offer the Toughguard® flat top in 1200m height, ideal for schools and daycare centres. This is in addition to the standard crimped top Toughguard®

Toughguard® is available in a range of tough, durable, baked polyester powder coatings, and carries a 7 year film integrity warranty, provided the recommended maintenance tips are adhered to.

When choosing a security fence, choose Toughguard®

Quality you know you can trust